Business/Office Administrator Preparation

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Business/Office Administration Preparation

English College & Workplace – ENG3C/3E & ENG4C/4E
English Business Terminology – EBT4O
Mathematics College & Workplace – MBF3C, MEL3E/MAP 4C, MEL4E
Accounting College & Workplace – BAI3E & BAF3M
Business Computers – BTA3O
Business Leadership – BOG4E




Office Administration Cooperative Education*  4 Credits

Cooperative education may be the culmination of a series of experiential learning opportunities that include job shadowing, job twinning, and work experience, and is often an integral part of school–work transition programs, including the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP).

Students earn cooperative education credits by integrating classroom theory with planned learning experiences in the community to achieve learning based on the curriculum expectations of the related course. Placements should provide students with challenging opportunities to apply and extend the knowledge, and practise and refine the skills, acquired in the related course and to demonstrate achievement of placement expectations that reflect current workplace practices and standards.


Cooperative education involves a partnership between education and business, industry, agriculture, labour, or community organizations that includes students, teachers, parents,1 employers, and placement supervisors.   Joint planning by these individuals ensures that students are provided with a systematic introduction to career exploration, experiential learning, and career planning.

In collaboration with students, subject teachers, and placement supervisors, cooperative education teachers prepare personalized placement learning plans that include a description of the curricular knowledge and skills and the employability skills that students will demonstrate at their placements.

Cooperative education teachers also conduct placement learning assessments and evaluate their students’ performance in pre-placement, placement, and reflective learning activities.


—Online courses are offered for Adults (18+), as well as Secondary students—