Programs for Children

New Concepts in Dance & The Arts

"Study of the Arts is an Essential Component for Nurturing Thinking Skills, Creativity, the Ability to Express One's Self and Build Self Confidence"

  • Tiny Tot Dance Song and Modelling  (3-6 years old) 16 weeks

    Tiny Tot Dance Song and Modelling
    (3-6 years old)
    16 weeks

    This course covers basic ballet, jazz, singing, modelling and exercise activities. Age appropriate drama, singing and speaking in front of people are also introduced. Lessons will stimulate and develop audio visual perception and memory while improving motor coordination through movement. Your child will develop social skills while gaining a positive introduction to the performing arts.
  • Children's Dance, Drama and Modelling  (6-12 years old) 16 weeks

    Children's Dance, Drama and Modelling
    (6-12 years old)
    16 weeks

    This entertaining course teaches classical and lyrical ballet, jazz, modelling sequences, public speaking, exercise, drama, mime, singing and dance combinations. Emphasis is placed on building self-confidence through the development of audio-visual perception and memory.
  • F.A.M.E. (Fitness, Acting, Modelling, Entertainment)(12-18 years old) 16 weeks

    F.A.M.E. (Fitness, Acting, Modelling, Entertainment)
    (12-18 years old)
    16 weeks

    This course is designed to incorporate fitness, drama, modelling, singing, jazz, hip hop and modern dance sequences. A great opportunity to build self-confidence, develop a positive attitude, and enhance your own creativity while interacting with others. A unique workshop with endless experiences in the Arts.
  • Specialized Workshops

    Specialized Workshops

    We also offer workshops to meet your specific classroom needs including: Curriculum and Co-Curriculum, Ballet Classes, Stage Performances & Fashion Shows, Modelling & Self Improvement, Stage Prep!, Developing the Star Within You. Primary age Programs for Children, please inquire.Keep Fit Through Dance (Adults)An opportunity to dance, as well as stretch and shape your body.
Dance and Arts

Program Information

1st term October to March 16 weeks ($98.00)
2nd term March to June 16 weeks ($98.00)
1 hour classes each week.
Start times will vary as classes are grouped by age and ability.
Each class will work towards a final performance.

Continuous registration throughout the school year.
To register please call St. Ann: 905 354-3531
For specific program information call:
Martha Lagardis 905 735-0247
ext. 607
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Ballet Classes

Ages 4-5 and 6-7 years old. Ballet and Lyrical 7-11 years old.

Emphasis on Improving Focus, Balance, Rhythm, Musicality and Poise.